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1978 (The Original Theatrical Trailer)

(Music Video w/movie version of song)

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1977 (Filming) & 1978 (Release)

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Sam Peckinpah
Where Are They Now

Kris Kristofferson
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Production Staff
Executive Producer: Michael Deeley
Bob Herron
-TCM: Tribute to Stuntmen
On Location
New Mexico, I-40
The History of Needles, CA Red Rock Bridge (Bridge Finale)
(Photos Courtesy of Johnny Bruhn)
* Diner (1)
* Diner (2)   
* Ernest Borgnine(on set)   
* Stadium Funeral (1)   
* Stadium Funeral (2)   
* Jail Break (1)   
* Jail Break (2)   
* Jesus Freak Bus
* RD Truck   
* Another Truck on Set   
* Tank (On flat bed truck)   
* Johnny Bruhn, Ernest Borgnine and others   
* Johnny Bruhn and Family?   
* Cast and Crew?
Running Heavy (Independent Documentary)
Story Behind Convoy
Time Magazine 77/July 4
The Critics
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