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Kino Lorber Region 1 DVD CONVOY (1978) [5 Stars]
"Kino Lorber is giving Convoy its long over due U.S. re-release for the first time in 26 years with bonus features worthy of this lost classic". 

Feature Film:
- Positives: For the FIRST TIME EVER in both DVD and Blu-Ray the FULL UNCUT version of the classic 1978 movie based on the 1976 #1 hit song by C.W. McCall. 
                  Includes of lots bonus features that are available in the in the Region 2 Blu-Ray release.
- Negatives: No closed captioning, simple menu. (Bot then again many other major film dvd releases also do not include closed captioning or menu either)

Bonus Material: 
Full Length Documentary: Passion & Poetry/Sam's Trucker Movie
- Positives: Includes interviews with stars Kris Kristofferson, Ali MacGraw, Ernest Borgnine as well as production staff (Executive Producer) Michael Deeley, (Assistant to Director) Katy haber, (Second Unit Director) James Coburn and others. For the first time ever the stars and production staff talk about the film that most seemed most of them did not care for but did it as a favor to close friend Director Sam Peckinpah. Learn the difficulties that star Kris Kristofferson described as the logistics of D-Day. The drug/alcoholic problems that led cast members and staff walking out on Sam Peckinpah and even the company EMI to remove Sam from the seat just to finish the film. Included as well a never before seen or heard, alternate music ending to the film's bridge finale. Fans of the film will enjoy this detailed 70 minute documentary. 
-Negatives: Cast members Burt Young and Franklyn Ajaye were not interviewed. The song and it's writer Bill Fries aka C.W. McCall 's contribution is virtually ignored except for a single statement from Michael Deeley that "it was based on a song thats it". A a video interview with German "restored Rubber Duck Truck owner" Gerd Albrecht is part of the latter half of documentary, which is is cool and captioning is added since he speaks in German, only photos are shown of Dan Bruno's (of St. Louis, Missouri) restored Rubber Duck truck, which should have been filmed also. I think a Bill Fries aka C.W. McCall interview should have been done/added.
Full Length Commentary
- Positives:  This was long overdue, besides a DVD/Blu Ray Release. Garner Simmons, was involved in the editing process of the film, takes part in the commentary with two Sam Peckinpah historians. Many facts and stunning admissions were stated in the commentary. The biggest admission is the film having an unheard movie soundtrack. Most of its music is hardly heard, lyric wise with the exception of two artists. The ultimate stand out in the commentary was several times credit was given to Bill Fries aka C.W. McCall without whom there would have been no movie based on a hit song. 
- Negatives: Im a big fan of full length film commentaries. But this was an 20/80 for me. The immediate problem I recognized was when the announcement was made of this DVD/Blu-Ray release that would include full length commentary which would include a one production staff and two director historians. The 70 minute documentary included 3 major cast members and 3-4 major production staff, why was not at least one of them included besides Garner Simmons. They spent 80 percent of the commentary comparing Convoy to Peckinpah's major films. Which is ok and fair but far too much time was given for those facts. With maybe 2-3 scenes given background history, much of the film's creation was ignored for Peckinpah's previous film history. I was hoping for more details on the bridge finale. I’ve read about and heard that the characters were not given in depth backgrounds and film critics really slammed this one because it and other reasons, I don't agree at all. The desert scenes with truck and state patrol chase with tons of blown/pushed dirt what they call "double exposures" has always been give praise, was the ONLY part I disliked of the film besides its practically no lyric movie soundtrack (with the exception of song Convoy remade for the movie and Okie From Muskogee).
3 Deleted Scenes
- Positives: Very interesting.  I’ve read about them.
- Negatives: Photos only, they were never filmed..Peckinpah filmed up to at least 3 and half hours which was edited down to 1 hour 46 minutes. So the deleted scenes are only available in photos, not one ounce of edited film was ever found??...Except for a alternate music ending for the bridge finale. Thank god they didn’t use it.
Injokes, Friends and Cameos
- Showing how Sam Peckinpah used production staff and close friends as background cast/extras for Convoy as well a material related to production used background scenes.
Promoting Convoy
- U.S. and International Film Posters as well as "Theater Cards" (with the movie version of Convoy as background music)
Trucker Notes From Norway
- Rare photos during production of Convoy...As well as Anders L°faldi talks about the Rubber Duck truck and how the the trucks were filmed. 
Television and Radio Spots 
- Rare television ads and radio ads to promote Convoy...The television ad seen here is also see in the German Kinowelt DVD release but the narration was of course in German. Here it for the FIRST TIME EVER since 1978 in English!
More Production Stills
- More rare photos of production. Since NO one filmed during filming as part of a Making of documentary. 
Theatrical Trailer
- Which uses the movie version of the song as background music.

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