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     I remember watching the movie on HBO/Prism while living in Norristown, PA when I was very little. My father was a CB'er (handle was "Big Spender") mostly in Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA so my family and I enjoyed talking to other truckers on his Lafayette Base Station, so I fell in love with the movie.  My father found the 45 LP one day in a store and gave it to me for my birthday, I never stopped playing it. In 1989 I found the video to the movie, but didn't think bout buying it. I saw the movie many times on WTBS, ABC during the mid 80's/90's.
  Between 1996-98 I placed a want ad for the video in local Philadelphia trade paper and a video store which was liquidating sold it to me for $20.  I tell ya, I think I played the video for the next year about 100-200 times and any time it was on tv. I copied most of the movie's audio to cassette so I could listen to it anywhere I went with my walkman, as well as the original "CONVOY".  In 1999 I found the "An American Legend CW McCall" site and found alot of info of Mr. Bill Fries career. I recently wrote to Bill Fries in his Colorado residence. I recieved my CONVOY video box and inserted the sleeve of the 45 LP autographed!
My Special "Convoy/25 Years of C.W. McCall" Shirt.
(Shirt was created by Grasshopper Graphics of Lancaster, PA)

Although he had a "black lollipop microphone". The mic shown is one he used on one of his mobiles.


     Hi my name is David Frederick...I am now 41 years old and live in North Eastern Pennsylvania with my wife Joann and son Adam. (I had been obsessed with pro wrestling from 1986-2004 so Mr Wrestling was my high school nickname), Roxborough High School, PA Class of '89.  I was born March 15, 1971 in Levittown (Bucks County), PA. My earliest memories begin while my parents and I lived in Norristown, PA as my father managed a 125 unit apt complex on the edge of the Schuykill River in October 1976. It was here I first saw my father use the cb base station and watched the movie Convoy on cable tv. My brother Donny was in January 1977. In 1984 we had to move a few times, including back to Levittown and Conchohoken, PA. In Sept 1985 we moved back to the apt complex in Norristown but by September we moved to West Philadelphia where the company Campus Apts,  that had owned the Norristown apt complex, was headquartered. I graduated high school June 20, 1989 but rather than continue school I worked in apt maintenance with my father and the company.
    I began work in the restaurant field in 1993 and then on call 24 hour emergency maintenance service with the company in 1995. In September 1996, while on the internet my dating life actually began. By late 1997 we began searching for a house in Lancaster, PA and purchased one in March 1998. I started full time work at the Lancaster Host Resort (1998/99), though worked at Hotel Brunswick, Old Country Buffet before that. On August 2, 1999 I met my future my wife Joann on the internet. I left the Host Resort (the day Hurricane Floyd hit PA) and joined my father at the Ramada Inn in maintenance. Joann and I married October 21, 2000 (we recently observed our 12th anniversary) and after 29 yrs with my parents moved away in February 2001 so my wife could be closer to her family.
       I first worked at Olive Garden for 8 years, but now Im at Friendlys Restaurant almost 4 years. Our son Adam Robert was born November 25 and will be turning ten yrs old.


Ghost Detectives...Northeast Pennsylvania Paranormal Group
(I'm close friends with their Audio/EVP Specialist Mark Hrominsin)